It’s always fabulous to see a client’s hard work come to fruition, but I’m particularly excited to have worked on this one. ‘GUYS KNIT’ is by Nathan Taylor aka Sockmatician and available now from and in all the usual bookshops.

It’s written as a knitting manual for men, but it’s a great introduction to the craft regardless of which side you have your shirt buttons - is there someone in your life who really needs to take up knitting?

It’s even got it’s own musical! Possibly the first example of a Haynes manual being celebrated in song.

I like to be a busy little bee...

Well there is nothing like an email from a total stranger attempting to buy your domain off you to spur on a bit of website updating...   Yes, it's true I don't update here very often but in the inimitable words of Granny Weatherwax 'I aten't dead'! Just very very busy because all my lovely designers are very very busy too.

A book review...

Elizabeth Doherty - Top down, reimagining set-in sleeve design.This book is for adventurous/experienced knitters who can think in 3D. It is especially relevant to garment designers, but there are lovely patterns and useful tips that will be enjoyable to intermediate and advanced knitters who just want to knit the pretty things.

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Here's the very first entry in my new blog! Time to talk all things tech-editing. Over the coming weeks I'll be writing a series on what we as tech editors do, why you need one, and possibly a bit about why you should choose me to polish your patterns.